A major focus of the IOCCG has been the formation of specialized working groups investigating various aspects of ocean-colour science, technology and its applications. The end product of these working groups is usually the publication of an IOCCG report. A recommendation was also implemented by the working group on Standardizing the Extraterrestrial Solar Flux Spectrum, chaired by Prof. Andre Morel.

Download IOCCG Reports from past working groups or browse the list of all published reports

IOCCG Reports

Proposing a New Working Group

If you would like to propose a new IOCCG working group, please consult the Guidelines for Proposing a New IOCCG Working Group.

A list of current and past IOCCG working groups is given below.

Current Scientific IOCCG Working Groups

Reports from each of these groups will be published by the IOCCG and distributed in a timely manner (free of charge), as and when they become available.

Completed IOCCG Working Groups

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