Working toward consistency and accuracy in the development of Essential Climate Variables from multiple missions

The Ocean Colour Radiometry – Implementation Team (OCR-IT) was established within the framework of the CEOS Ocean Colour Radiometry – Virtual Constellation (OCR-VC)  to prepare a rolling implementation plan for the INSITU-OCR White Paper. The White Paper was produced by an IOCCG working group chaired by Giuseppe Zibordi (JRC, Italy) and Sean Bailey (NASA GSFC, USA), and provides a series of recommendations on activities critical to ensure high accuracy and consistency among products from present and future ocean colour missions to achieve a consistent, long-term ocean colour Climate Data Record (CDR).

Implementation includes agency level activities such as the ESA FRM4SOC Project, as well as overarching synergistic activities from various agencies  including  the IOCCG Ocean Optics and Biogeochemistry Protocols activity and the IOCCG Sensor Calibration Task Force.  The OCR-Implementation Team is chaired by EUMETSAT, under the auspices of OCR-VC.

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