Scientific IOCCG working groups investigate various aspects of ocean-colour technology and its applications, and publish comprehensive reports at the end of their deliberations. All publications in the IOCCG Report Series have ISBN and DOI assignments, and are considered peer-reviewed, as each is reviewed before publication. Additionally, Volume II of the report series will be vetted by the international community via a 90-day open review period. Reports are in wide demand throughout the world, and have been used to provide appropriate advice to space agencies, scientists, and managers, as well as serving as a useful teaching aids for students.  Click on cover of report to download PDF file (low resolution to reduce file size).

The correct citations for the IOCCG Report series can be downloaded into a reference database using the BibTex file.

All IOCCG Reports are available in digital format. Some are still available in hard copy. If you desire a hard copy of a report, hard copies are often available at IOCS meetings, or can be made mailed to you via request (maximum of 3 reports per person).

IOCCG Report Series: Volume I (Reports 1 – 20)

Series Editor: Venetia Stuart

IOCCG Report 20 (2021)

Observation of Harmful Algal Blooms with Ocean Colour Radiometry. Edited by Bernard, S., Kudela, R., Robertson Lain, L. and Pitcher, G.C., pp. 165

IOCCG Report 19 (2020)

Synergy between Ocean Colour and Biogeochemical/Ecosystem Models. Edited by Stephanie Dutkiewicz, pp. 184

IOCCG Report 18 (2019)

Uncertainties in Ocean Colour Remote Sensing.  Edited by Frédéric Mélin, pp. 164

IOCCG Report 17 (2018)

Earth Observations in Support of Global Water Quality Monitoring. Edited by Steven Greb, Arnold Dekker and Caren Binding, pp. 125

IOCCG Report 16 (2015)

Ocean Colour Remote Sensing in Polar Seas. Edited by Babin, M., Arrigo, K., Bélanger, S. and Forget, M-H. (pp. 129).

IOCCG Report 15 (2014)

Phytoplankton Functional Types from Space. Edited by Shubha Sathyendranath, pp. 156. Download Report 15 in Chinese.

IOCCG Report 14 (2013)

In-flight Calibration of Satellite Ocean-Colour Sensors. Edited by Robert Frouin, pp. 106.

IOCCG Report 13 (2012)

Mission Requirements for Future Ocean-Colour Sensors. Edited by Charles R. McClain and Gerhard Meister, pp. 106.

IOCCG Report 12 (2012)

Ocean-Colour Observations from a Geostationary Orbit. Edited by David Antoine, pp. 102.

IOCCG Report 11 (2011)

Bio-Optical Sensors on Argo Floats. Edited by Hervé Claustre, pp. 89.

IOCCG Report 10 (2010)

Atmospheric Correction for Remotely-Sensed Ocean-Colour Products. Edited by Menghua Wang, pp. 78. [Synthesized Dataset].

IOCCG Report 9 (2009)

Partition of the Ocean into Ecological Provinces: Role of Ocean-Colour Radiometry. Edited by Mark Dowell and Trevor Platt, pp. 98.

IOCCG Report 8 (2009)

Remote Sensing in Fisheries and Aquaculture. Edited by Marie-Hélène Forget, Venetia Stuart and Trevor Platt, pp. 120. Download Report 8 in Chinese (50 MB)

IOCCG Report 7 (2008)

Why Ocean Colour? The Societal Benefits of Ocean- Colour Technology. Edited by Trevor Platt, Nicolas Hoepffner, Venetia Stuart and Christopher Brown, pp. 141. Download brochure (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese). Accompanying  Introduction of Ocean Colour Sciences (Chinese).

IOCCG Report 6 (2007)

Ocean-Colour Data Merging. Edited by Watson W. Gregg, pp. 68.

IOCCG Report 5 (2006)

Remote Sensing of Inherent Optical Properties: Fundamentals, Tests of Algorithms, and Applications. Edited by ZhongPing Lee, pp. 126. [Synthesized Dataset]

IOCCG Report 4 (2004)

Guide to the creation and use of ocean-colour, Level-3, binned data products. Edited by David Antoine, pp. 88.

IOCCG Report 3 (2000)

Remote Sensing of Ocean Colour in Coastal, and Other Optically-Complex, Waters. Edited by Shubha Sathyendranath, pp. 140. Download Reports 1-3 in Chinese

IOCCG Report 2 (1999)

Status and Plans for Satellite Ocean-Colour Missions: Considerations for Complementary Missions. Edited by James A. Yoder, pp. 43. Download Reports 1-3 in Chinese.

IOCCG Report 1 (1998)

Minimum Requirements for an Operational Ocean-Colour Sensor for the Open Ocean. Edited by André Morel, pp.46. Download Reports 1-3 in Chinese.

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