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  • The Oceanic Optics BookCurtis D. Mobley (2022) – 38 MB. This book is a community resource on ocean optics. The 16 chapters of this text cover the foundations of optical oceanography and ocean color remote sensing: radiometry, inherent and apparent optical properties, absorption, elastic and inelastic scattering, remote sensing and atmospheric correction, surfaces, and photometry.  Radiative transfer theory, Maxwell’s equations, and Mie theory are covered at an introductory level.  The seven appendices cover advanced topics on modeling sea surfaces using Fourier transform techniques, wave variance spectra and autocovariance functions; Monte Carlo simulation; and prediction of image appearance through absorbing and scattering media.  Theoretical concepts are illustrated with measured data and via numerical simulations.
  • Physical Principles of Ocean Color Remote SensingHoward R. Gordon (Univ. Miami, USA) – 40 MB.   This book provides the physics underlying the methods of ocean color remote sensing. It is intended to be a resource for students and researchers wanting to understand on a basic level the remote sensing signal and its relationship with the constituents in the water, as well as the technical aspects of acquiring, calibrating, and validating ocean color imagery. Topics covered include radiometry and radiative transfer, scattering theory, inherent and apparent optical properties of the atmosphere and natural waters, and ocean color remote sensing systems, along with their vicarious calibration and validation.
  • Ocean Optics Web Book: Initial content by Curtis Mobley, Emmanuel Boss and Collin Roesler. This is a web-based, dynamically growing, community resource that addresses both the education and reference needs of the broad optical oceanography and ocean colour remote sensing communities and is freely accessible.
  • Building Intuition for In-Water Optics and Ocean Color Remote Sensing: Spectrophotometer Activity with little Bits™ (S. Schollaert Uz, 2016) and accompanying NASA brochure with worksheet.
  • Is the Sea Really Blue? A BBC Earth article on ocean colour (May 2015).
  • Teachable Optics – Absorption, Scattering and the Color of the Ocean by Emmanuel Boss.
  • Earth science concepts made simple – ClimateBits (Stephanie Schollaert Uz)
  • SeaWiFS web site: Resources for Teachers. Material on oceans, ocean-colour and remote sensing of ocean colour. Great resource.
  • Earth’s Living Ocean:  The Unseen World. An Advanced Plan for NASA’s Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Research (2006).

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