CEOS (Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) developed the concept of virtual, space-based Constellations to leverage inter-Agency collaboration and partnerships to address observational gaps, sustain the routine collection of critical observations, and minimize duplication/overlaps in observations of a particular parameter of the Earth system. The Ocean Colour Radiometry Virtual Constellation (OCR-VC) was established to produce sustained data records of well-calibrated and validated satellite ocean colour datasets from measurements obtained from multiple satellites. All IOCCG Agencies serving on the IOCCG Committee support some aspect of OCR and are taking a leadership role in its activities. OCR-VC activities include calibration, validation, merging of satellite and in situ data, product generation, as well as development and demonstrations of new and improved applications as implemented by the International Network for Sensor Inter-comparison and Uncertainty assessment for Ocean Colour Radiometry (INSITU-OCR) and the IOCCG Task Forces.


Philippe Escudier – CNES, France
Ewa Kwiatkowska – EUMETSAT
Martin Bergeron – CSA Canada
YoungJe Park – KIOST, Korea
Milton Kampel – INPE, Brazil
Mark Dowell – JRC, European Commission
Hiroshi Murakami – JAXA, Japan
Prakash Chauhan – ISRO, India
Paula Bontempi – NASA, USA
Craig Donlon – ESA, Europe
Paul DiGiacomo – NOAA/NESDIS USA
Ewa Kwiatkowska – (EUMETSAT)

Ad hoc members:

Stewart Bernard – CSIR, South Africa
David Antoine – LOV, France
Venetia Stuart – IOCCG Project Office, Canada

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