LAUNCH DATE: 20/12/99
SWATH (km): 800
SPECTRAL COVERAGE(nm): 400 – 900

Data Sources:

OSMI Presentations:

OSMI Applications Overview. Yongseung Kim, 8th IOCCG Meeting, February 2003. [PDF file]

Automated DEM Extraction from the KOMPSAT-1 EOC Images. T. Kim and Y.-J Im, 22nd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing, November 2001. [PDF file]

KARI’s OSMI sensor and proposed Korean Geostationary Ocean Colour Imager (KGOCI) by Yu-Hwan Ahn, 10th IOCCG Meeting, 19-21 January 2005, Isla de Margartia, Venezuela. [PDF file]

A Comparative Study and Intercalibration Between OSMI and SeaWiFS. Bryan A. Franz Yongseung Kim [PDF file]

OSMI Publications:

Joo-Hyung Ryu, Jeong-Eon Moon, Palanisamy, S., Yu-Hwan Ahn and Hyun-Cheol Kim (2005). The comparison of Kompsat-1 OSMI and SeaWiFs data in the Korean Sea. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2005. IGARSS apos;05. Proceedings. 2005 IEEE International Volume 2, Issue , 25-29 July 2005 Page(s): 1181 – 1183

Pan, D., and Kim, Y.-S. (1999). Simulation and Evaluation of the KOMPSAT/OSMI Radiance Imagery. J. Korean Soc. Rem. Sens., 15(2): pp. 131-146.

Yong, S.-S., Shim, H.-S., Heo, H.-P., Cho, Y.-M., Oh, K.-H., Woo, S.-H., and Paik, H.-Y. (1999). The Ground Checkout Test of OSMI on KOMPSAT-1, J. Korean Soc. Rem. Sens., 15(4): pp. 297-305.

OSMI News:

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