IOCCG Platt Scholars

In 2023, the IOCCG Platt Memorial Scholarship was introduced to award one student or early-career scientist from a developing country with the opportunity to gain valuable training or research experience in ocean colour remote sensing technology and application in all aquatic environments. Two scholars were selected for the inaugural year in 2023. Applications open in August each year and the awardee is announced early the following year.


Hellen Joseph Kizenga (Tanzania) to work with Emmanuel Devred at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada. Proposal title: Seasonal and interannual variability in phytoplankton biomass and phenology (bloom timing) along the Tanzanian waters using ocean colour sensors. 2024.


Arjun Adhikari (India) to work with Hans Burchard at the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research, Germany. Proposal title: Satellite derived coastal colour components and physical processes: a numerical study. April – May 2023 [Report]

David Alejandro Gonzalez Rivas (Mexico) to work with Heidi Dierssen at the University of Connecticut, USA. Proposal title: Using Ocean color data for understanding shrimp farms water discharge in the coastal ecosystems of the Gulf of California. Aug – Sep 2023



IOCCG Fellows

The IOCCG Fellowship Programme was aimed at providing young scientists from developing countries with the opportunity for gaining valuable training experience in satellite ocean colour radiometry. Funds were provided for recipients to travel to an institute outside their home country for 1-3 months to work with experts in their chosen area of research. The Fellowship program was replaced by other training initiatives, including the IOCCG Summer Lecture Series.


Carolina Campillo-Campell (Spain) worked with Dr. Andrew Thomas of the University of Maine, USA. She received training on multivariate and time series analysis of merged colour and satellite data for ecosystem characterisation in upwelling regions. Fellowship dates: 1 August – 30 October 2005.

Milton Kampel (Brazil) worked with Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada and received training on estimating phytoplankton primary production by ocean-colour remote sensing. Fellowship dates: 10 July – 30 September 2005.

Gustavo Martínez (Uruguay) worked with Dr. Robert Frouin of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, California processing radiometric data from the BEAGLE 2003 cruise. Fellowship dates: 29 April- 30 May 2005.

Valeria Segura (Argentina) worked with Dr. Osvaldo Ulloa of the Universidad Concepcion, Chile and received training in the processing of absorption and primary production data collected during the BEAGLE 2003 expedition. Fellowship dates: 16 April- 9 July 2005.


Caiyun Zhang (China) worked with Dr. Chuanmin Hu at the University of South Florida, USA processing a complete series of SeaWiFS and MODIS (Aqua) high-resolution (1-km) datasets for Chinese waters and performed statistical analysis to compare the two datasets. Fellowship dates: 10 December 2004 – 3 March 2005.


Aurea Ciotti (Brazil) worked with Dr. Annick Bricaud (Lab. D’Oceanographie de Villefranche, France) examining procedures to retrieve biological information from ocean colour data regarding size structure of phytoplankton. Fellowship dates: 2 March 6 April 2003.

Jingyu Wu (China) worked with Dr. Ken Furuya, University of Tokyo, Japan examining particulate absorption coefficients using different methods. Fellowship dates: 1 April – 31 May, 2003

Seung-Hyun Son (Korea) studied primary production modelling under the supervision of Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath, Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada. Fellowship dates: 1 June – 15 August 2003.


Leticia Espinosa (Mexico), used ocean colour imagery to study physical and biological processes in the California Current Region, with Dr. Richardo Letelier (Oregon State University, USA). Fellowship dates: 2 September 2003 – 2 November 2002.

Scarla Weeks (South Africa) worked with Dr. Gene Feldman at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Washington, USA, examining ocean-colour algorithms and data for applications to South African waters. Fellowship dates: 1-15 November 2002

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