Ocean colour system vicarious calibration (OC-SVC) is a fundamental requirement for all ocean colour missions in order to meet the stringent accuracy requirements for radiometric products and all downstream bio-optical products. This group used to be an IOCCG WG on Long-term vicarious adjustment of OC sensors. In 2020 IOCCG recommended the establishment of the OC-SVC Task Force, supported by a recommendation from the INSITU-OCR White Paper.

OC-SVC infrastructures are important for space agencies who aim to maintain or establish new infrastructures, e.g., NOAA MOBY, NASA PACE, ESA Boussole, FRM4SOC etc. OC-SVC are highly specialized and very expensive so it is useful to have coordination across the agencies for lessons learned and methodologies.

Initial membership was based on agency members as well as other members who were previously engaged in the previous working group.


Aga Bialek (NPL)
Andrew Barnard (Oregon State Uni.)
Brian Barnes (USF)
Bryan Franz (NASA)
Christophe Lerebourg (ACRI-ST)
Constant Mazeran (SOLVO)
David Antoine (Curtin Uni.)
Ewa Kwiatkowska (EUMETSAT)
Frederic Melin (JRC)
Hiroshi Murakami (JAXA)
K. N. Babu (ISRO)
Ken Voss (U. Miami)
Marie-Helene Rio (ESA)
Menghua Wang (NOAA)
Nigel Fox (NPL)
Shuguo Chen (OUC)
Susanne Craig (NASA)
Young-Je Park (KIOST)

Workshop on OC-SVC for Science & Operational Missions, 2-3 Dec 2013

Brief Summary Report of Workshop, 2-3 December 2013, ESRIN, Italy

Welcome – Ewa Kwiatkowska (Chair, EUMETSAT)

Session 1: Current status

VIS vcal site and source characterization, uncertainties

Vical application in ocean colour processing (NIR and VIS vcal, sites, sources, protocols, implementation in the processing chain)

Remaining uncertainties

Session 2: NIR methodology and recommendations towards standardization

Session 3: VIS methodology and recommendations towards standardization

Session 4: Operational mission needs

Session 5: Advancing as a community: vision for the future of vicarious calibration and international cooperation

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