Cecile Rousseaux

Jamie Shutler
University of Exeter, UK


Quantification of ocean carbon requires satellite data (including ocean colour, but also sea state, etc.) and many ocean estimates rely on satellite observations. However, the limitations of the satellite data are not clearly understood or the data are not used to their maximum efficiency to contribute to global carbon assessments. There is a clear need for satellite data expertise involved in large-scale global carbon efforts. The wider ocean carbon budget is overlooking some of the Earth observation (EO) satellite advances to estimate the role of the ocean in the carbon cycle. There have been publications that try to estimate the role of satellite data in ocean carbon, but a cross-disciplinary group is needed that can give coherent advice and guidance. The task force on ocean carbon from space was established in March 2023.

Terms of Reference

The Ocean Carbon Task Force will provide a resource of expert advice across all areas of satellite observations relevant to carbon. It is an expert group within IOCCG, but in partnership with other relevant expert groups (GHRSST for temperature), climate teams, or individual experts, as needed.

The group aims to:

  1. Encourage the uptake of climate quality satellite data records for all methods of quantifying ocean carbon e.g., observation-based methods, model data assimilation with Earth system models, atmospheric inversion modelling and atmospheric potential oxygen approaches.
  2. Provide support to annual assessments and related workshops (e.g., GCB and IPCC efforts)
  3. Support the aims of CEOS Carbon Strategy.


Membership is currently under development.

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