Ondrusek, M., E. Stengel, V. P. Lance, M. Wang, K. J. Voss, G. Zibordi, M. Talone, Z. P. Lee, J. Wei, J. Lin, C. Hu, D. English, C. Kovach, J. Cannizzaro, A. Gilerson, S. Ahmed, A. Ibrahim, A. El-Habashi, R. Foster, R. Arnone, R. Vandermeulen, S. Ladner, W. Goode, J. I. Goes, H. Gomes, A. Chekalyuk, K. McKee, S. Freeman, A. Neeley, and B. C. Johnson (2015).  “Report for Dedicated JPSS VIIRS Ocean Color Calibration/Validation Cruise“, NOAA Technical Report NESDIS 146, Lance, V. P. (Ed.), NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, Silver Spring, Maryland. doi:10.7289/V52B8W0Z.   [PDF file]

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