OPERATING DATES: 17/08/96 – 01/07/97
SWATH (km): 2400

Data Sources:


  • POLDER 1 data reprocessed (IOCCG News, March 2003)
  • POLDER Project has new set of Ocean-Colour Data (IOCCG News, November 2000)
  • The Final reprocessing of POLDER 1 data was completed on November 2005, using new algorithms from POLDER-2 to achieve a consistent set of POLDER products for a total period of 15 months:
    • 8 months for POLDER 1 from October 1996 to June 1997
    • 7 months for POLDER 2 from April to October 2003

Information about algorithms, products and validation results can be found on the POLDER mission website at:

The final scientific POLDER 1 and 2 ocean colour products are available on the POLDER website/order desk at: http://polder.cnes.frPOLDER Publications:

Wang, M., Isaacman, A., Franz, B.A. and McClain, C.R. (2002). Ocean-color optical property data derived from the Japanese Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner and the French Polarization and Directionality of the Earth’s Reflectances: a comparison study. Appl. Optics,41(6): 974-990. [PDF file]

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