Launch Date: 26/05/99
SWATH (km): 1420
SPECTRAL COVERAGE(nm): 402-885/td>

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  • Update on OCM on Oceansat-I & Scheduled OCM on Oceansat-II, Srinivas Kumar, 12thIOCCG meeting, January 2007 [PDF file]
  • IRS-P4 OCM: Current Status of the Mission, 10th IOCCG meeting, January 2005 ([PPF file]
  • Status of Current Ocean-Colour Missions: Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) P4 OCM. Shailesh Nayak, 8th IOCCG meeting, February 2003 [PPT file]

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OCM Publications

Nayak, S., Solanki, H.U. and Dwivedi, R.M. (2003). Utilisation of IRS P4 oceaan colour data for potential fishing zone – a cost benefit analysis. Indian J. Mar. Sci., 29: 244-248.

Solanki, H.U., Dwivedi, R.M., Nayak, S.R., Somvanshi, V.S., Gulati, D.K. and Pattnayak, S.K. (2003). Fishery forecast using OCM chlorophyll concentration and AVHRR SST: Validation results Off Gujarat Coast, India. Int. J Rem Sens., 24(18): 3691-3699.

Chauhan, P., Mohan, M., Sarangi, R.K., Kumari, B., Nayak, S., Matondkar, S.G.P. (2002). Surface chlorophyll a estimation in the Arabian Sea using IRS-P4 Ocean Colour Monitor (OCM) satellite data. Intl. J. of Rem. Sens., 23(8): 1663 – 1676.

Kundu, S.N., Mohapatra, S., Sahoo, A.K., and Singh, R.P. Change analysis using IRS – P4 OCM Data after the Orissa Super-cyclone. Int. J. Rem. Sens., 22(7): p. 1383-1389, 2001.

Sarangi R. K., Chauhan P., Mohan M., Nayak S.R., Navalgund R. R. (2001). Phytoplankton distribution in the Arabian Sea using IRS-P4 OCM satellite data. Intl. J. of Rem. Sensing  22(15):2863-2866.

Solanki, H.U., Dwivedi, R.M., and S.R. Nayak. (2000). Generation of composite image using OCM chlorophyll and NOAA AVHRR SST for locating potential fishing grounds. PORSEC 2000 Proceedings, Goa, India, Dec 5-8 II: 669-672.

Solanki H.U., Dwivedi R.M. and Nayak S.R. (2001), Application of OCM chlorophyll and AVHRR SST for fishery forecast: Preliminary validation results of Gujarat coast, north-west coast of India. Indian Jour. of Marine Sciences, Sept. 2001, (30) 132-138.


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