What is CEOS?


The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) was created in 1984 as a result of the international Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations and serves as the focal point for international coordination of space-related, Earth-observation activities. Policy and technical issues of common interest related to the whole spectrum of Earth observation satellite missions and data received from such are addressed. CEOS has three primary objectives:

  • to optimize the benefits of spaceborne Earth observations through cooperation of its members in mission planning, and in the development of compatible data products, formats, services, applications and policies

  • to aid both its members and the international user community by serving as the focal point for international coordination for space-related Earth-Observation activities, including those related to global change

  • to exchange policy and technical information to encourage complementarity and technical compatibility among spaceborne Earth-observation systems currently in service or development, and the data received from them; issues of common interest across the spectrum of Earth-observation satellite missions are addressed.

Members are international representatives who are responsible for satellite Earth observation programs, and affiliated members of major international scientific or governmental bodies whose programs utilize data from satellite missions. The activities of CEOS range from the development of detailed technical standards for data product exchange, through to the establishment of high-level interagency agreements on common data policies for different application areas such as global climate change and environmental monitoring.

Additional information and documentation on CEOS can be obtained from the CEOS home page.

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